Science Showcase: Open University 50th Anniversary Celebrations

14th October 2019 – 16th October 2019 all-day
Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh
Holyrood Rd
Edinburgh EH8 8AS
From organisers

The Open University

During the daytime programme 15-16 October, you can meet academic and student scientists from The Open University involved in BBC Broadcasts, find out what they do and how they do it. Try your hand at some virtual science experiments, hands-on activities too. Discover the space robots used to explore Comets and the Planets; Try being an Ocean Explorer or Food Scientist; Get involved in Citizen Science with iSpot and Treezilla; and much more. Discover how the Open University “does Science” at a distance for students.

As well as the daytime programme, evening talks promise to lift the lid on some of the fascinating work happening at the Open University.

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