Associates & Colleagues

We have a network of close associates and colleagues with whom we can work to enhance our services when required.

This makes it possible to engage in larger projects and those involving complementary, specialist expertise, such as in strategic planning, training, graphics and design. We also have associates with knowledge and expertise in learning and skills in the rest of the UK.

We are currently working with

Elaine Hendry at emh connect. She produces the learning and skills monthly UK Digest. Angela and Elaine are producing a Skills Research Digest for the Northern Ireland Department for the Economy. Elaine is an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Editing & Proofreading (CIEP).

Jackie Borge is an independent consultant specialising in learning and the development of employability, life and workplace skills. She also provides editing and proofreading services as an Intermediate Member of CIEP.

Tina Livingston is a management consultant and personal and professional development coach at TwoBridge Consulting.

Cathy Tingle at DocEditor. She is a copywriter and editor, specialising in educational topics. She is an Advanced Professional Member of CIEP.

Lewis Packwood is a writer and copy-editor who specialises in science, technology and video games. He is a Professional Member of CIEP, and his regular clients include Nature, New Scientist and Skyscanner.

We also regularly engage the services of some talented individuals and businesses to help deliver our portfolio, including

Mamook Graphics for branding and design work, including for Informed Scotland.

Larisa Macareiu of Media Bloom for our Learning & Skills Events Calendar compilation.

ast & red for website design and construction.