Business & Education

AJ Enterprises works with business and education, helping companies, institutions and their people learn about and with each other. Employers and employees, education staff and students all benefit from greater mutual understanding and appreciation.

Our expertise and experience includes working with business and community organisations looking to develop or enhance their connections with education and young people, and with education organisations and institutions developing enterprise projects with business or the wider community.

Services include:

Project management
  • Pilot programmes
  • Curriculum review and consultations
  • Publication development
  • Award schemes
Educational resource development
  • Matching business and industry to the curriculum
  • Guidance on enterprise in education and business engagement
  • Self-evaluation tools
  • Case studies and exemplars
Event planning and coordination
  • Devising programmes
  • Sourcing and briefing speakers
  • Preparing pre- and post-event papers
Evaluation of projects and products
  • Effectiveness of awards, resources and programmes
  • Questionnaires, pilots and consultations
  • Independent evaluation and review
Research and analysis
  • Desk-based and field work
  • Preparation of literature reviews and reports
  • Comparisons and benchmarking
Forum and network coordination
  • Advising on contacts
  • Making connections with key organisations
  • Preparing background papers and meeting reports
  • Managing communication with members and stakeholders

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