Writing, Copy-editing & Proofreading

AJ Enterprises works with words to create products that are clear, accurate, well-structured and effective.

Clients are guaranteed professional, reliable, high quality results. Angela Gardner has experience of writing in many different formats and styles for a range of audiences. With a background in corporate communications she knows how to write for business. With a scientific and research background she is analytical, methodical and balanced in her approach. With experience of working at the interface between education and business she is skilled at interpreting specialist text for the lay reader.

Angela is an Advanced Professional Member of the Chartered Institute of Editing & Proofreading and achieved Distinction in the industry-recognised Proofreading by Distance Learning course run by the Publishing Training Centre at Book House in 2006.

Services include:

  • Conference and event reports
  • Copy for websites
  • Content for educational resources
  • Position papers and guides
  • Case studies, blogs and cameos
  • Re-structuring and refining content
  • Smoothing out styles and inconsistencies
  • Adding value to raw text
  • Checking references and facts for accuracy
  • Correcting typos, spelling and grammatical errors
  • Spotting heading and style variations
  • Ensuring the product has a professional finish
Project management
  • Commissioning and briefing writers
  • Ensuring schedule and budget are adhered to
  • Coordinating the input of different specialists or authors
  • Achieving a product with a defined style

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