Informed Scotland

Informed Scotland is a monthly intelligence digest of Scottish learning and skills. It provides a comprehensive update of the key issues, policy developments, research and changes in business, education, government and the wider community. It enables busy people to be well briefed about the issues that matter.

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Angela was interviewed in January 2019 for Radio EDUtalk – listen here.

What’s special about Informed Scotland?
  • It gathers information together in one place and organises it in an accessible format.
  • It makes connections across the issues.
  • It highlights emerging patterns and themes.
  • It provides intelligent summaries without political or sectoral bias.
  • It draws from source documents wherever possible.
Who is Informed Scotland for?

Anyone interested in learning and skills, from the worlds of:

  • business and industry
  • formal and informal education, from pre-school to adult and community learning
  • training, professional development and recruitment
  • local and national government
  • the voluntary sector.
Topics include

The curriculum and qualifications; the economy and business confidence; employment; apprenticeships; skills gaps and shortages; professional development; career information and guidance developments; enterprise and entrepreneurship; knowledge exchange; funding…

How to subscribe

There are ten issues per year including doubles for July/August and December/January. It is published as a pdf at the beginning of the month. Subscribers receive copies direct via email and organisations can share with all employees.

Subscribers also receive an annual Organisations & People Special at no extra cost.

Subscription type

12   months

10 issues

6   months

5 issues

Medium/large business: 50+ employees



Small business: <50 employees






Individual/Sole trader



Concession: Retirees; students; interns; non-salaried board members



To become a subscriber complete and submit the subscription form (.pdf or .docx) or contact [email protected] with any queries.

“This looks really good and fits well into what I see as a gap in our information system in Scotland.”
– Prof Graham Donaldson CB, Donaldson Education Services Ltd

“This is such a great publication – one to which every organisation and public body in Scotland should subscribe. It provides such a helpful summary of all the ‘goings on’ across Scotland.”
Ken Muir, Honorary Professor, UWS

“Love the Informed Scotland issues, a great way to catch up with Scotland wide information and news!”
– Pauline Walker, Headteacher, The Royal High School, Edinburgh

“The publication is excellent. I picked up several developments of which I had been previously unaware and having the direct links made it easy to get more information if I needed it. The layout also helped me to quickly retrieve information which was directly relevant to education/the school and to have an overview of related issues beyond this. I think every headteacher should have access.”
– Secondary headteacher

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Are you interested in learning and skills across the UK?

The UK Digest, produced in London by Elaine Hendry at emh connect, is also available on subscription. Contact [email protected] for more information.