Informed Scotland – planning for issue 4

Just over a week to go before the September issue of Informed Scotland is published. This month, as well as the usual research and intelligence gathering, we’ve enjoyed hearing about new ideas and projects at a couple of major events. (We now have a rather smart flyer to hand out to contacts, thanks to more great design work from Mamook Graphics!)

A day spent at last week’s Education Scotland Scottish Learning Festival in Glasgow provided the opportunity for discussions with a range of organisations involved in new initiatives and launching products. A particular highlight was the Ellen MacArthur Foundation presentation on the circular economy. Dame Ellen gave an inspirational insight into the background to the initiative, and Development Officer Colin Webster explained how schools in Scotland can get involved.

Earlier in the month the Nesta in Edinburgh event at The Hub brought together people from business, education, government and the wider community to hear about innovation, its important role in the economy, and what Nesta is doing to support its growth. It was great to learn of successful knowledge exchange products, and to see national organisations like Young Scot featured alongside local community learning programmes. A round table session for sharing favourite innovative ideas enabled us to mention the amazing – the grassroots teacher-led ‘community’ that is a model for other professions to consider emulating.

Informed Scotland issue 4 September 2012 is due to be published 5 October. Click here to find out how you can subscribe.

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