Informed Scotland June 2024 – Bills, consultations & AI

Despite the run up to the General Election there was still a lot happening in learning & skills in Scotland in June. There were three legislation announcements – all with consultations over the summer: Meanwhile, across the learning & skills landscape, AI and generative AI continue to be a major focus for discussion and development, […]

Informed Scotland General Election Extra 2024

Ahead of each major election, Informed Scotland subscribers receive a brief scan of manifestos and resources focusing on or highlighting learning and skills issues. The General Election Extra 2024 has links to: Not a subscriber? Click here to download your free copy! Become an Informed Scotland subscriber to keep on top of all the developments. Email [email protected] to request the latest edition.

Informed Scotland May 2024 – Helping you make sense of learning & skills since 2012

May was a much busier month for learning & skills in Scotland. The latest digest is packed with reports, announcements and guidance of interest across the landscape, including: This edition marks Informed Scotland’s 12th anniversary It’s always revealing to recall what was shaping the learning & skills landscape in May 2012, with an eye to […]

Informed Scotland April 2024 – Financial challenges for learning & skills

With political uncertainty across the UK, plus funding challenges and the Easter break, April was the quietest month for a while for learning and skills. The impact of financial pressures can be seen right across the landscape, most clearly in some of the hard decisions taken recently. Such as removing the Upskilling Fund for universities, […]

Informed Scotland March 2024 – Is no news good news?

Another month with no major learning & skills announcements. Normally this would be seen as welcome news by many who value the space to get on with the task at hand. However, the ‘lull’ in decision-making on school education reform in particular is raising tensions and anticipation, and creating new challenges. As two of education’s […]

Informed Scotland February 2024 – Interesting things come in threes

Although there were no major learning & skills developments, it was the busiest February for a while. Three Scottish Government items are worth highlighting… …as are three interesting reports from three ‘futures’ projects… …and three new items on the roasting hot topic of AI: Three more interesting things: The latter is one example of items […]

Informed Scotland Dec23/Jan24 – AI, XR & education

The impact, opportunities and challenges of artificial intelligence (AI) in education featured right across the learning & skills landscape. Research, resources and projects that aim to illuminate, alert, reassure, challenge and advise include: Issue 117 also covered the usual raft of annual statistics and surveys, budget and investment announcements, partnership projects, new courses and personnel […]

Informed Scotland Learning & Skills Hottest Topics 2023

Which learning & skills topics appeared on the most covers of Informed Scotland over the past year? Here’s the 11th annual list. =1. Digital literacy, skills & inclusion (– in 2022) =1. Energy transition & green skills, jobs & workforce (=3) = 3. Apprenticeships (–) = 3. Colleges – finance, students, staff & regionalisation (NEW) […]

Informed Scotland November 2023 – Green skills, jobs & careers

The hottest topics, aside from education reform (covered in the October issue), were school pupil behaviour & attendance and green skills, jobs and careers. The latter included: Other items to highlight: Finally, the latest OECD PISA results were published this week and will be covered in the next issue. But in November, an Institute for […]

Informed Scotland October 2023 – Education & skills reform

Rather than make our subscribers wait, several major education and skills reform announcements made on 7 November by the Cabinet Secretary for Education & Skills in a statement to the Scottish Parliament, are included in this month’s issue: Other items worth highlighting: Want to keep on top of all the developments? Become an Informed Scotland subscriber. Email [email protected] to […]