Informed Scotland May 2024 – Helping you make sense of learning & skills since 2012

May was a much busier month for learning & skills in Scotland. The latest digest is packed with reports, announcements and guidance of interest across the landscape, including:

This edition marks Informed Scotland’s 12th anniversary

It’s always revealing to recall what was shaping the learning & skills landscape in May 2012, with an eye to what’s changed – or not. Youth unemployment was a shocking 23.1%. Education Scotland had just audited secondary school preparations for implementing Curriculum for Excellence. The regionalisation of Scotland’s 41 colleges was underway. The Scottish Parliament was set to increase free early learning & childcare from 475 to 600 hours per year. A Parliament Committee concluded that the attainment gap for looked after children was ‘unacceptably wide’. But there was no mention of green skills or energy transition in a press release for Scottish Enterprise’s new Oil & Gas Strategy 2012 2020: Maximising our Future.

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Informed Scotland Extra – General Election 2024

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