Informed Scotland February 2019 – Inclusive, empowered, connected

There was no shortage of learning and skills activity in blink-and-you-missed-it February. A range of hot topics, familiar and new, presented themselves across the landscape. Inclusion was referenced in all sectors: There is a new SCQF Inclusive Recruiter campaign; a new Creative Scotland Create:Inclusion Fund; a new HUB for SUCCESS offering support to care experienced […]

Informed Scotland Dec 18/Jan 19 – Where Brexit’s not the only story

Brexit made its way onto the cover of Informed Scotland for only the second time. There is much evidence of its increasing influence on the economy, business, employment and skills, with words and phrases like ‘gloomy’, ‘uncertainty and confusion’ and ‘threat’ littering forecasts. The further and higher education sector is raising alarms and preparing for […]

Learning & Skills in Scotland – What’s on the horizon for 2019?

In an interview for Radio EDUtalk, Angela took David Noble’s listeners on the third annual whistle-stop tour of some of the items that will be shaping Scotland’s learning & skills landscape this year. You can listen to a podcast of the show, which also reviewed the Hottest Topics in 2018. Below are links to some […]

Informed Scotland Learning & Skills Hottest Topics 2018

We’re delighted to present the sixth annual list of Learning & Skills ‘Hot Topics’ that made it onto the cover of Informed Scotland over the past year. For the first time since we began compiling the list in 2013, two topics share top spot: =1. Diversity, equality, equity & inclusion (new) =1. Teacher education, development, […]

Happy Christmas & heaps of thanks!

It’s time to say a big thank you to our wonderful clients, associates and coworkers after another busy year for AJ Enterprises! We’ve been hard at work keeping Informed Scotland subscribers up to date with the changes and challenges in learning & skills throughout 2018. As well as the monthly digests, we’ve provided Annexes with […]

Informed Scotland November 2018 – Diversity for excellence

Diversity and inclusion were common themes across the learning & skills landscape in November. From increasing ethnic and gender diversity among teachers, construction workers, engineers, interns and university boards, to teaching LGBTI equality and inclusion in schools, and recognising the skills of refugees and asylum seekers. Check out Advance HE’s Diversity Principles and Board Recruitment […]

Informed Scotland October 2018 – Skills: untapped, mismatched & ‘meta’

October was a busy month for meaty, fascinating reports on a range of learning & skills themes. Word of the month was ‘meta-skills’ – or should that be ‘meta skills’ or ‘metaskills’? Spelling isn’t the main bone of contention here, so it’s good to see that defining these higher-order skills is an action in the […]

Powerful professional learning

by Sarah Philp, Director of Learning Scotland, Osiris Educational. Continuing our guest blog series featuring Informed Scotland subscribers writing on the theme Making connections across the learning & skills landscape. ‘We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit.’  – Aristotle We are all on a journey seeking ‘Excellence and […]

Informed Scotland September 2018 – Looking beyond the headlines

The new academic session began relatively calmly for learning & skills after a long, hectic summer. The Scottish Government continues to refer to its commitment to education as its ‘defining mission’ in its 2018–19 annual programme, Delivering for today, investing for tomorrow. The hottest topic in September, however, was the continuing debate over the future […]

Who’s where? Making sense of the learning & skills landscape

The sixth annual Informed Scotland Organisations & People Special has been published. It’s a snapshot of a busy and ever-changing learning & skills landscape, helping our subscribers to quickly locate the key organisations and make sense of where they fit into the bigger picture. This year there are links to over 360 organisations, up from […]