Informed Scotland October 2023 – Education & skills reform

Rather than make our subscribers wait, several major education and skills reform announcements made on 7 November by the Cabinet Secretary for Education & Skills in a statement to the Scottish Parliament, are included in this month’s issue:

  • Details about a new Centre of Teaching Excellence which had been announced at the SNP’s annual conference in October; a blog post by Prof Mark Priestley considers some of the pros and cons
  • A new consultation on the provisions of the Education Bill due to be introduced to Parliament in 2024 – open until 18 December 2023
  • A ministerial group, chaired by the Cabinet Secretary, to advise on the whole education and skills reform, recognising it as one system
  • An Education and Skills Reform Chief Executive Forum, for all bodies impacted by reform
  • Scottish Government is to ‘taper’ funding for Regional Improvement Collaboratives (RICs) for the next academic year, with funding repurposed ‘to better support teachers’
  • Publication of the third report from the International Council of Education Advisers; interestingly, among their recommendations is a call to clarify the role of RICs and make their funding arrangements ‘promote strategic planning over a three-year [rather than a one-year] period’.

Other items worth highlighting:

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