Working with words – editing & proofreading projects

Time for a quick update about some of our ‘wordy’ projects…

Angela is in the middle of copy editing and proofreading primary science workbooks and teacher’s books in support of the Jamaican primary science curriculum for long-standing client Macmillan Education. The task includes artwork briefing, cross-checking content against curricular guidance and liaison with authors David and Penny Glover.

We recently finalised a report for another returning client, Glasgow based futures organisation 3rd Horizons Ltd. A quick piece of work on a short turnaround time helped them meet their own client’s tight deadline.

It was also great to hear from one of Angela’s first dyslexic higher education student clients, who contacted her out of the blue to find out whether she was still offering a proofreading service. Essay and dissertation writing can prove to be a particularly stressful experience for anyone with dyslexia, so it’s really good to know that a rapport and relationship of trust had been built between proofreader and student on this occasion!

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