Informed Scotland – What won’t be in issue 6?

Image is © Andrew Mackie

The November issue of Informed Scotland is due out on Friday 7th December. As usual, there’s going to be plenty to write about – in fact the hardest part is knowing when to stop!

There are a couple of things that Informed Scotland doesn’t usually feature – events, and competitions and awards.

Events are picked up in our Learning and Skills Events Calendar, which provides information about the conferences, seminars and exhibitions taking place across Scotland in the coming months.

There are probably enough learning and skills related competitions and awards happening to warrant a whole new publication or page on our website… when we’ve more time or encouragement, perhaps? But in the meantime, a quick mention for a few organisations who’ve held their 2012 awards in November, with congratulations to all those who organised, entered, judged and of course won the awards! The John Byrne Award, the SQA Star Awards, Scotland’s Colleges Annual Awards, and Scotland’s Modern Apprenticeship Awards.

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PS – A quick thank you to @neiledinburgh for his very flattering tweet this week, which compared Informed Scotland to the mighty Times Educational Supplement Scotland: ‘Will this rival TESS in due course?’! Informed Scotland is a very different product to TESS – but the mention gave us a warm glow!

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