Informed Scotland – Dec/Jan issue published

This double issue of Informed Scotland is packed with items from the whole spectrum of learning and skills. As well as summaries of reports from UCAS, UKCES, GTCS, SFC, SDS, CITB and HEA, there are insights into MOOCs, MAs, NQs, ICT, BERD and EMAs… But don’t let the acronyms get in the way – we make sure they’re always spelt out!

One of the hot topics we observed this month is the blending of boundaries between institutions. The changes in the education and learning system, with the merging and blurring of sectors, is having an intriguing impact on the way Informed Scotland is organised.
It’s not always obvious where some items should appear, for example, online learning courses and their ilk – Further & Higher Education or Community & Adult Learning? Collaborations between universities and schools – Schools or Further & Higher Education? Knowledge exchange – sometimes better placed in Business, other times in Further & Higher Education. If it’s causing us to ponder, those working at the interfaces, and those involved in setting and managing budgets must be going through interesting times…
One of our readers from Education Scotland responds: “The boundaries are blurred but that just means we look wider – take the blinkers off“.

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