Informed Scotland – February issue published

Despite being a short month, it’s been an extremely busy one for learning and skills right across the sectors.
Hot topics this month include a raft of measures and activities to drive and provide youth employment opportunities; more detail emerging and concerns being raised on the new National Qualifications; knowledge exchange, community engagement and furthering skills in science and technology; plus budget announcements and indications of deeper impact of tightening public sector finances.

This month we also report on a couple of major explorations of the digital landscape announced by the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the Scottish Government. Meanwhile, the school ICT in Education Excellence Group recommendations moved to implementation – read a fascinating and pretty ‘sharp’ contribution to the debate by Ollie Bray. And in the same month, Citizens Advice Bureau Scotland published a critical report outlining the impact the ‘digital divide’ is having on those without the skills or access trying to gain work in an online environment.

After last month’s comment on the ‘blending’ and blurring of sectors, and the impact on Informed Scotland, we received some helpful feedback from an Education Scotland reader: ‘The boundaries are blurred, but that just means we look wider – take the blinkers off’. Great to hear Informed Scotland is helping with that process!

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