Panning for gold – Informed Scotland on Radio EDUtalk

Image is © Andrew Mackie

At last month’s ‘Progress through Professionalism’ conference, organised by the Association of Chartered Teachers Scotland (ACTS), Angela Gardner was interviewed live on Radio EDUtalk. A recording of the broadcast can now be heard on the EDUtalk website.

John Johnston, who co-founded and runs EDUtalk with ACTS Chair David Noble, asked Angela about Informed Scotland, referring to it as an ‘intelligent filter’ of the learning and skills ‘information overload’. Angela described its focus on making connections across the learning and skills landscape, encouraging cross-fertilisation of ideas, activities and policies across the sectors. “Making connections is a big part of everything I do.”

The conversation also took in aspects of the conference, including workshops on Learning Rounds with Catriona Oates, and pedagoo with Neil Winton and Kenny Pieper. Interesting that education Learning Rounds demonstrate how professions can learn from each other, as they have their roots in the medical profession. Likewise, pedagoo is all about teachers ‘collaboratively supporting, encouraging and sharing innovative and effective approaches’.

The interview ended with John remarking that even well-networked teachers need to go beyond education and look for ideas and inspiration. Informed Scotland is doing its bit to help that process for education, business and the wider community.

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