All in a day’s work: Providing information, advice, contacts…


Image is © Andrew Mackie

We’re regularly approached by contacts old and new looking for guidance, answers or pointers to further an aspect of their work. Sometimes this can lead to a new contract or work for a new client, but sometimes the contact is simply better informed and able to proceed with confidence – and we’re left with a warm and fuzzy feeling because we’ve made a difference!

Here’s just a taste of the range of requests from some very different contacts that we’ve been happy to satisfy in the last few weeks:

  • The chief executive of a learning organisation based in England wanted information about developments and contacts in the use of mobile devices in Scottish schools.
  • We were asked by a web developer to comment on a fantastic new resource which explains an industrial process to a young audience.
  • The director of a new UK-wide company connecting engineers with industry wanted to make sure they were in touch with the right organisations in Scotland, and was looking for help with spreading the word north of the border.
  • We were asked to make sure no one essential was left off a major event invitation list.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if we can help you to make connections, plug information gaps, or extend your corporate memory. Email [email protected] or see our Contact page.

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