Happy 1st birthday Informed Scotland! May issue published


May was a busier month than expected across the whole learning and skills landscape. There were no major new policy announcements, just a lot of funding commitments, studies, hard work and results to write about.

Some particularly interesting reports are highlighted, including the Royal Society of Edinburgh’s Tapping all our talents: Women in STEM and the Scottish Government’s Scotland’s Digital Future.

Universities Scotland’s Taking Pride in the Job: University action on graduate employability has some very useful reference points: A schematic of ‘The graduate employability landscape in Scotland’, including Enhancement Themes, Learning to Work 2, and Outcome Agreements; a spreadsheet of nationwide work placement schemes; and an interesting table of pre-conceptions held by SMEs and university students/graduates.

With the topic of the long term viability of massive open online courses (MOOCs) cropping up in a Twitter conversation, we also mention a timely University of Edinburgh report of its first six MOOCs. And thanks to Laurie O’Donnell for directing us to analysis of this report by blogger Donald Clark Plan B.

Find out how to get your copy, with all this and more and follow Informed Scotland on Twitter @InformedScot. Finally, a quick mention for our associate emh connect, also celebrating one year of the learning & skills UK Digest!

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