Learning & Skills – the Hottest Topics in 2013

Image is © Andrew Mackie

At the end of last year we listed on Twitter our Top 10 Learning & Skills ‘Hot Topics’ featured in Informed Scotland during 2013:

  1. Digital skills
  2. Knowledge exchange between education & business
  3. Collaboration, partnerships & mergers
  4. International collaboration & comparisons
  5. Youth employment & employability
  6. Skills gaps, shortages & barriers
  7. Creativity & creative skills
  8. Science Technology Engineering & Maths (STEM)
  9. Apprenticeships
  10. Widening access to higher education

Although it was produced by pretty unscientific methodology, and the position of some items would no doubt prompt a debate, the number 1 item would grace the top of most charts for the year.

We’d love to know what people might expect to appear in the Top 10 for 2014. Much of the 2013 list is likely to keep cropping up, but other suggestions include Internships, Skills-based digital/open badges, and perhaps STEAM (STEM + Arts). Let us know what you think – tweet us @InformedScot or email [email protected].

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