Informed Scotland – February issue published


February was a short month, though there was no shortage of learning and skills items to include.

Look out for the Draft Statement of Ambition for adult learning; it’s been a bit of a Cinderella sector for a while and demands some attention! And there are more changes at the top, with another head of education announcing her retirement – there appear to be seven senior local authority education department vacancies currently being advertised alone…

Favourite items this month include the Scottish Media Academy/Archerfield pilot media training course for senior executives in business, education and government, which Angela was delighted to participate in. And the home-grown – possibly unique? – Professional Learning Programme for teachers at Preston Lodge High School, East Lothian. 

Word of the issue? ‘Big’ – from big data to Big Music! The University of Glasgow received Arts & Humanities Research Council funding for three ‘big data’ projects (quick explanation of the term is included for the uninitiated!), and The Big Music Project was launched, with Youth Scotland playing a key role (no pun intended…).

Last month @keithboards, who receives copies via City of Edinburgh Council’s subscription, tweeted: Enjoying @InformedScot learning and skills digest. Crammed full of great info!

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