Need to know who’s where in Scottish learning & skills?

Organisations & People Special 2014

We’ve just published the new Informed Scotland Organisations & People Special ready for the 2014–15 academic session.

It’s a snapshot of the learning & skills landscape, a directory of the key national and local organisations operating across business, education, community & adult learning, government and wider society, including:

  • Sector-specific skills bodies
  • The eight new Innovation Centres
  • Local authority education departments
  • Teacher education institutions
  • Colleges
  • Universities

There have been many changes since the 2013 edition – new organisations, appointments, mergers and movements.

Subscribers received the Special as a bonus, in addition to their regular monthly digests. Last year’s issue was described as ‘extremely useful’, ‘easy to follow’, ‘yet another one stop shop’ and ‘worth the subscription itself’!

All new subscribers will receive a copy – find out how to join the growing list and stay well informed.

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