‘Universities in the Flux of Time’ – When copy-editing became reading

Image is © Andrew Mackie

Copy-editing is always enlightening, whatever the topic or format. But occasionally the content is so absorbing, the editing turns into reading.

Over the summer Angela copy-edited Universities in the Flux of Time: An exploration of time and temporality in university life published this month by Routledge. Researching and writing so regularly about higher education – from governance to students, qualifications to knowledge exchange, courses to international collaboration – it was fascinating to view universities from a completely different perspective.

As usual with a multi-authored title, the edit wasn’t entirely straightforward. However, working closely with one of the editors, Professor Paul Gibbs, Director of the Centre for Education Research & Scholarship at Middlesex University, we successfully met a tight deadline for our client, Florence Production Ltd.

We were delighted to receive Paul’s comment: ‘Your help has been invaluable‘. Another project where everyone was more than satisfied.

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