Wishing a very happy Christmas…

…to all our clients, associates, suppliers and collaborators, to contacts old and new, to regular visitors to our website and Calendar, and to our followers on @ajentscotland, @InformedScot and LinkedIn. We have the pleasure of working with and for some great people and organisations – advising, connecting, researching, analysing, evaluating, organising, reporting, writing, copy-editing and […]

‘Universities in the Flux of Time’ – When copy-editing became reading

Copy-editing is always enlightening, whatever the topic or format. But occasionally the content is so absorbing, the editing turns into reading. Over the summer Angela copy-edited Universities in the Flux of Time: An exploration of time and temporality in university life published this month by Routledge. Researching and writing so regularly about higher education – from […]

Higher Attainment, Wider Access: ‘We’ve talked long enough’

An Informed Scotland Higher Attainment, Wider Access Special is being published to coincide with our participation in the MacKay Hannah Poverty & Attainment in Education Conference on 11 December. In the Special, the conference chair, education consultant David Cameron states, ‘This needs to be more than a conference, it needs to be a step towards […]

Informed Scotland November 2014 – Are we learning?

Every month we summarise statistics and surveys, and the findings of research, studies and evaluations. November was no different – it was full of useful, rich reports waiting to be delved into. The Employer Perspectives Survey from UKCES; the latest Modern Apprenticeships statistics from SDS plus the Apprenticeships for the Future report from AAT. The […]

Informed Scotland October 2014 – Innovation galore

The word of the month was ‘innovation’, from innovative projects to the challenges of managing innovation. Two new knowledge exchange Innovation Centres were launched – the Data Lab and Construction Scotland, bringing the total to eight Scottish Funding Council supported Centres. Nesta and Innovate UK, the re-branded Technology Strategy Board, set up a new Innovation […]

UCAS maps student movement across the UK

by Helen Thorne, Director of Policy and Research, UCAS. Continuing our guest blog series featuring Informed Scotland subscribers writing on the theme Making connections across the learning & skills landscape. Almost 1,500 more students started degree courses at Scottish universities this autumn compared to last, as the country continues to attract well qualified students from […]