Informed Scotland November 2014 – Are we learning?

Every month we summarise statistics and surveys, and the findings of research, studies and evaluations. November was no different – it was full of useful, rich reports waiting to be delved into.

The Employer Perspectives Survey from UKCES; the latest Modern Apprenticeships statistics from SDS plus the Apprenticeships for the Future report from AAT. The Robert Owen Centre evaluation of the School Improvement Partnership Programme, the CAS Scotland report on computing science teachers, the SFC’s Learning for All statistics on higher education participation. And many more…

The growth of infographics and other innovative methods of reporting has made it easier for researchers to entice and explain their findings to a wider audience. The challenge facing report authors, however, is how to get us to explore further – to read, to learn from, and to make connections with what we read.

Our Learning & Skills Events Calendar demonstrates the numerous opportunities to engage with this kind of information and those who have created or gathered it – at conferences, seminars and workshops, many of which are free to attend.

@realdcameron tweeted this week, ‘we are very good at piloting, but not so good at getting widespread change off the ground’. A similar challenge perhaps – making sure we not only learn, but build on our learning.

There’s a rich mine of learning amassed – time to dig deep.

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