Informed Scotland October 2015 – Enterprising students creating their own learning

The common thread in October was ‘partnership’. Everyone seems to be forging close links with others across all sectors – for knowledge exchange, to share resources and expertise, for research, synergy and employability gains.

Well, almost everyone… It was announced that the long-standing partnership for shared education and social work services between Stirling and Clackmannanshire Councils is due to end.

The theme of enterprising students creating their own learning and work experience continued:

A new Law Clinic is to be run by Edinburgh Napier University students. A planning app, interestingly called Student Sins, has been developed by Robert Gordon University students for their peers in Aberdeen. Get your facts right: a guide to involving young people in social research was produced by Newcastle University with advice provided by Shawlands Academy students. A new student teacher society was launched by University of the West of Scotland students. And an Innovation in Primary Education website was created by University of Strathclyde students.

We’re beginning to think students creating their own opportunities might be an interesting topic for an Informed Scotland Special… What do you think?

Favourite tweet from a subscriber this month: @CEOScel ‘just catching up with issue 34. As always, helpful summary. Thx for inclusion of information re Into Headship & our Framework’

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