Informed Scotland November 2015 – diversity, aspirations, collaboration… & unicorns!

A number of common themes run through this month’s issue. Everyone appears to be talking about enterprise & entrepreneurship, has concerns and is trying to do something about the impact of gender imbalance, and is trying to catch up with or ride the wave of the digital skills revolution.

Each month we draw attention to the context for learning & skills in a section on ‘Business confidence & the economy’. November saw the publication of the Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce 23rd Oil & Gas Survey and the ScotlandIS Scottish Technology Industry Survey 2015. The stark contrast between the ‘confidence crisis’ of the oil & gas sector and the ‘booming’ technology sector is clearly highlighted, as is their skills needs.

Even the language of the tech sector, particularly start-ups, is energising and enticing – who wouldn’t want to work in an incubator on an accelerator programme for a unicorn!

The main publication was the interim report from the Commission on Widening Access. The areas it will be examining in the second half of its work are included in full in an Annex.

Favourite tweet from a subscriber: @clydegateway ‘fantastic edition this month. As informative and on the ball as ever Angela! Enjoyed the tech sector updates!’

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