Informed Scotland May 2017 – Examining, exploring, reviewing & reporting


The general election might have restricted government business, but it didn’t stop the publication of a raft of learning & skills reports. The May digest is stuffed full of those worth reading and sharing on a range of topics.

In particular look out for:

On top of all that, the Scottish Parliament’s Education & Skills Committee has been busy examining or reporting on teacher workforce planning, additional support for learning, and personal & social education.

Unbelievably it’s five years since the first issue of Informed Scotland was published in May 2012! Then we were writing about 23.1% youth unemployment (now 9.4%), the end of Standard Grades, and college mergers. An anniversary is a great excuse to thank all our subscribers, both new and those who’ve been with us since the beginning. Archive copies are available should subscribers fancy a reality check on how much, or how little, has changed over the past five years!

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