Informed Scotland March 2022 – Strategies & reforms

Issue 99 includes key Covid-19 guidance and announcements up to 11 April.

The hottest learning & skills topic in March was Prof Ken Muir’s eagerly anticipated report for school education reforms: the replacement of the SQA, the reform of Education Scotland and removal of its inspection function. We’ve provided subscribers with a helpful Annex containing his 21 recommendations and the Scottish Government’s response.

March saw the publication of several national strategies, all relevant to learning & skills. For Scotland there’s a new ten-year Strategy for Economic Transformation, a ten-year Workforce Strategy for Health and Social Care, a five-year Retail Strategy and a Blue Economy Vision for marine sectors to 2045. There’s also a new five-year strategy for UK Research & Innovation.

Numerous interesting reports were published, including:

Also look out for the Scottish Parliament Education, Children & Young People Committee’s new colleges regionalisation inquiry, ten years on from the creation of 13 college regions in 2012. Particularly interesting as three colleges are currently involved in the Rural & Islands College Merger Project due to be finalised in January 2023.

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