Informed Scotland October 2022 – Energy transition & net zero

A year ago, ‘Climate change education’ made the Informed Scotland cover. It was pushed there by actions (such as these by Education Scotland) to coincide with Glasgow hosting COP26.

This year, Energy transition & net zero is on the cover while COP27 is taking place. However, this has less to do with COP27 and more to do with the growing demand for skills for transition, and the economic and social imperative to act on energy costs.

Announcements and initiatives include Just Transition Funding for 22 skills and research projects in north-east Scotland, a new Social Enterprise Just Transition Fund, a new Scotland Net Zero 2045 Future Leaders training programme supported by Skills Development Scotland, and Innovate UK’s Driving the Electric Revolution Challenge funding for 16 projects, including Engineering Development Trust’s Industrial Cadets.

Reviews and reforms continue to occupy minds across the landscape:

Other items to highlight:

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