Informed Scotland Dec20/Jan21 – COVID-19 impact, support & recovery

Issue 87 includes key announcements and guidance up to and including 12 February.

This edition of Informed Scotland is the biggest ever published, summarising an incredibly busy, productive couple of months for learning & skills. Hard to fathom, when so many are achieving all this from home, and when every day feels pretty similar to the one before!

Numerous new courses were announced and resources launched, as organisations and individuals across the landscape work incredibly hard to provide support for learners and educators in all sectors and at every stage.

Many interesting, important and/or informative reports were published. Not all of them are COVID-19 driven, such as Skills Development Scotland’s first Climate Emergency Skills Action Plan, reminding us that there are other issues needing urgent attention, too.

Here are a few of the other reports worth highlighting:

A few themed weeks are coming up: Cyber Scotland Week is 22–28 February, Scottish Apprenticeship Week is 1–5 March, and the first ever SCQF Week is 15–19 March.

On the subject of events: Our popular Learning & Skills Events Calendar has been in limbo since the first lockdown in March 2020 when all events were cancelled or moved online. I’m considering when to restart it – either now, for major online events, or wait until the time when face-to-face events can begin to resume. Would you find it useful now? I’d be really interested to hear your views – via @InformedScot on Twitter, or email [email protected]

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