Informed Scotland June 2021 – The future of school & tertiary education

Issue 92 includes key guidance up to and including 9 July. The hottest topic in June was the final report of the OECD review of Curriculum for Excellence, with the Scottish Government accepting all 12 recommendations and announcing significant changes ahead for the qualifications, curriculum and inspection bodies. We’ve provided our subscribers with a helpful […]

Informed Scotland May 2021 – National Qualifications & rethinking assessment

Issue 91 includes key guidance up to and including 5 June. This edition marks nine years since the first issue of Informed Scotland. With youth unemployment currently at 8.0%, it’s reassuring to be reminded that, as well as being down from 12.0% last year, in May 2012 it was a shocking 23.1%. It was good […]

Informed Scotland April 2021 – The disproportionate impact of COVID-19

Issue 90 includes key guidance up to and including 6 May. With political lockdown in place for the Scottish Parliament elections, April was the quietest month for learning & skills in a while. That said, there was no shortage of developments and reports to cover. A number of reports provide evidence of the disproportionate impact […]

Informed Scotland Scottish Parliament Election Extra 2021

Ahead of each major election we provide Informed Scotland subscribers with a brief scan of manifestos and resources focusing on or highlighting learning and skills issues. The Scottish Parliament Election Extra 2021 has links to: Manifestos, including from Children in Scotland, the EIS, ADES, University & College Union Scotland, Universities Scotland, the OU in Scotland, […]

Informed Scotland March 2021 – Attainment gap, skills gaps & diversity

Issue 89 includes key announcements and guidance up to and including 8 April. March was another busy month, with the added pile of strategies and manifestos published ahead of the Scottish Parliament election. Four key themes dominated: The poverty-related attainment gap, with A report on progress 2016–2021 from the Scottish Government, and a separate progress […]

Informed Scotland February 2021 – Cyber skills, careers & future jobs

Issue 88 includes key announcements and guidance up to and including 8 March. Cyber Scotland Week helped to make cyber skills one of the hottest topics last month – ‘cyber’ is mentioned in this edition 20 times. The main items were a new Scottish Government Strategic Framework for a Cyber Resilient Scotland with learning & […]

Informed Scotland Dec20/Jan21 – COVID-19 impact, support & recovery

Issue 87 includes key announcements and guidance up to and including 12 February. This edition of Informed Scotland is the biggest ever published, summarising an incredibly busy, productive couple of months for learning & skills. Hard to fathom, when so many are achieving all this from home, and when every day feels pretty similar to […]

Informed Scotland Learning & Skills Hottest Topics 2020

We’re delighted to present the eighth annual list of Learning & Skills ‘Hot Topics’ that made it onto the cover of Informed Scotland over the past year: 1. COVID-19 impact & response (NEW) 2. Online, remote & technology enhanced learning & teaching (NEW) 3. Digital skills & inclusion (1 in 2019) 4. Youth employment & […]