Informed Scotland October 2019 – Equity, diversity & pause for thought

It’s extremely rare, but last month was a quiet one for learning & skills in Scotland. With mid-term holidays and the nation’s attention focused on… let’s just call them ‘other matters’, it wasn’t too surprising. Or perhaps the relentless pace of change and intensity of activity across the learning & skills landscape finally caught up […]

Informed Scotland September 2019 – Learning & skills for a better future

One of the main themes in September was ‘being better prepared for the future’, spearheaded by the Scottish Government’s new Future Skills Action Plan. The sense of urgency we reported last month has grown, affected no doubt by heightened public concern about the climate ‘emergency’, the Brexit ‘crisis’ and the ‘threat’ of technology – all […]

Informed Scotland July/August 2019 – Upskilling, reskilling & future planning

Learning & skills was a hive of hot topics over summer 2019. We could have added more to those listed on the cover, such as education & business engagement, mental health & wellbeing, community learning & development, STEM and skills for rural Scotland. The words of the season were ‘upskilling’ and ‘reskilling’. The need to […]

Who’s where? A snapshot of the Scottish learning & skills landscape

The seventh annual Informed Scotland Organisations & People Special has just been published. It’s a snapshot of a busy and ever-changing learning & skills landscape, helping our subscribers to quickly locate the key organisations and make sense of where they fit into the bigger picture. Informed Scotland subscribers find it a useful directory of the […]

Informed Scotland June 2019: Skills shortages, empowering schools & the digital divide

Skills gaps, shortages and plans were back as hot topics in June. Skills Development Scotland launched a Skills Action Plan for Rural Scotland and regional Skills Investment Plans for the south of Scotland and Glasgow City. The Open University’s Bridging the Digital Divide report examined the extent and impact of digital skills gaps. And CBI/Tata […]

Informed Scotland May 2019 – Making sense of learning & skills since 2012

Seven years ago we published the first edition of Informed Scotland. Remember 2012, when the talk was of Scotland’s 23.1% youth unemployment, the merger of 37 further education colleges, and Curriculum for Excellence and the move from Standard Grades to new Nationals? Now youth unemployment is down to 6.6%, there are 26 colleges… and, okay, […]

Informed Scotland April 2019 – Qualifications, assessments & exams

Assessments, qualifications and exams were making the learning & skills headlines last month. The debate about Scottish National Standardised Assessments (SNSAs) continued, with reports published from two out of three separate ‘reviews’ – by the Scottish Parliament Education & Skills Committee and the government’s P1 Practitioner Forum. The annual exam season began for schools, colleges […]

Informed Scotland March 2019 – Additional support for learning & skills

The hottest Scottish learning & skills topic in March was additional support needs. Among a range of items, there was a cluster of Scottish Government reports on additional support for learning in schools; Education Scotland’s new inclusive education module for teachers on The Open University’s OpenLearn Create platform; a new Carers Trust Scotland recognition award […]

Informed Scotland February 2019 – Inclusive, empowered, connected

There was no shortage of learning and skills activity in blink-and-you-missed-it February. A range of hot topics, familiar and new, presented themselves across the landscape. Inclusion was referenced in all sectors: There is a new SCQF Inclusive Recruiter campaign; a new Creative Scotland Create:Inclusion Fund; a new HUB for SUCCESS offering support to care experienced […]

Informed Scotland Dec 18/Jan 19 – Where Brexit’s not the only story

Brexit made its way onto the cover of Informed Scotland for only the second time. There is much evidence of its increasing influence on the economy, business, employment and skills, with words and phrases like ‘gloomy’, ‘uncertainty and confusion’ and ‘threat’ littering forecasts. The further and higher education sector is raising alarms and preparing for […]